The Stage Sterling () is the main currency used within the nation state of Spicy-Memia, the currency has been used since early 2017 following the January revolution (see Empire of Spicy-Memia).

History Edit

The Stage Sterling was first printed on 1 February 2017 following the, now, Imperial Governor William Martin's military take over of the government.

Forms of Currency Edit

One Paul Note Edit

The One Paul Note was initially printed with the image of the Imperial Governor William Martin's state portrait on the centre of the note with the emblem of the state's bank printed to the left and the nation's motto - "Saipens in Nos" below.

Ten Paul Note Edit

The Ten Paul Note was produced similarly to the One Paul Note but instead has the Emperor, Stuart Pomeroy I's, portrait in the centre.

Theroux Shekel Edit

In Memia one Paul is worth one hundred Theroux Shekels ().

99 Shekel Coin Edit

Shekel 99

The ₺99 Theroux Shekel issued with Emperor Pomeroy I

The 99 Shekel coin (₺99) was mainly designed to be used in situations where for example a lollipop costs ₱2.99 the ₺99 coin could be used instead of having to receive a ₺1 coin or attempt to pay in exact change


Shekel 50

The ₺50 Theroux Shekel issued in 2017 from the Bank of P. Sage

50 Shekel Coin Edit

The 50 Shekel coin is similarly shaped to the threepence coin used in the United Kingdom from 1547-1970.

25 Shekel Coin (Schilling) Edit

The 25 Shekel coin appears similarly to that of the one shilling coin used in the United Kingdom until 1947, the coin is known as the Schilling within Memia.

10 Shekel Coin Edit

The 10 Shekel coin is used regularly in Memia and is shaped similarly to that of a modern 20p coin from the United Kingdom.

5 Shekel Coin Edit

The 5 Shekel coin appears to look like a one shekel coin from Israel but is mainly silver and is worth ₺5.

1 Shekel Coin Edit

The 1 Shekel coin is similar to that of a 1 Deutschmark coin from East Germany but is mainly bronze and worth a one hundredth of a Paul.