The Royal House of Pomeroy is the main and a previous dynastic royal family of the throne of the Empire of Spicy-Memia. The house consists of multiple members many of which are formally unknown. However the two most famous members are Empress Beth I and Emperor Stuart I.

Background Edit

The Royal House of Pomeroy came about in July 2016 when it's founder Stuart I took the throne as King of Spicy-Memia. House Pomeroy was founded after the foundation of the Nation State of The Kingdom of Spicy-Memia which had been founded in the southeast Pacific Ocean after British nationals settled in a collection of islands known as the Memian Chain.

List of Monarchs Edit

Portrait Name From Until Relationship With Predecessor
Stuart i 1
Stuart I King - 16 July 2016

Emperor - 13 January 2017

King - 12 January 2017

Emperor - 13 April 2017


Members Edit

Portrait Name Birth (& Age) Place In Line of Succession
Stuart i 1
Sir Stuart I - Duke of Eden Rock 22 March 2001 (age 16) Head of Family
Beth i
Lady Beth I - Duchess of Northern Memia ~ 1997 - 1999 1
Sir Grand Papa Pomeroy Duke of Wiltshire ~ 1940s 2
Sir Papa Pomeroy Duke of Memia ~ 1970s 3